Sgt. Marion D. McNair's Photo Collection

Sgt. McNair was a Tank Commander in one of the three M4 tanks that the 71st used for Forward Observation. He is mentioned in tank crew A22 with Lt. Donald Barry as the Forward Observer.  He later recieved a field commission to Lt. in the Infantry.
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Dixon McNair, Lt. Barry, Fredrico Vucci and  Le Penski                                       A Charcoal driven tank. 2nd Lt. Dixon McNair on right                                                        Black mark is hit by enemy AT gun
2nd Lt. Marion Dixon McNair                                                Dixon McNair washing, Bus Johnson sitting down                                            Bus Johnson and Woody Werring  in Belgium after the Hurtgen Forest
Dixon McNair, Bus Johnson and Woody Werring in Belgium after Hurtgen Forest                             Hopkins, Dixon McNair, Stagging Barracks, Pine Camp, N.Y.              Wallace Weeks, Dixon McNair, Pine Camp, N.Y.
Dixon McNair, Hopkins and Wallace Weeks                                                                                   Arm Band                                                                                                                                71st Insignia
Army Ration Card
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