WWII Europe

   *Note: This is a mixed group by developing marks. I can't really tell how they fit with the other groups but a lot of the same men and they are well labeled. Probably during the war or right after, in Europe.

   *Note: Click on picture to enlarge.                                     


            Harralson, Weeks, Lanham                                Wilson, Church, Friebus, Booker Brown, Ainsley                     Lanham, Weeks, McGlamery, Bullard, Loveless       


         Fotta, Breen, Harralson, Martin, Holder                                         Pretraca, Kelly, Loomis, Troia, Andrew                  Loomis, Douglas, Troia  


  (kneeling)Baize & Henry                                               Kirkhart

  (standing) Kirkhart & Scudder     

 * All pictures property of Gary Beckley                                 

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