71st Armored Field Artillery Battalion WWII

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Unit Roster 2

Unit Roster (Commissioned Officers only)   71st AFA Battalion

*Note:  This is based on the TO&E’s ( Army - Table of Organization & Equipment) which was closely followed, and any references found in research , but not pertinent to any particular date. Most officers duties never changed, some were probably assigned different duties, multiple times (6- month stints), that could also have overlapped.  Nevertheless, this is a thoroughly researched and annotated example of the Unit Roster, probably near the end of the war.    G.B.

Combat Command B
Col. John T. Cole        Commanding Officer

71st Armored Field Artillery
Headquarters--------- TO&E No. 6-166 calls for 6 total Commissioned Officer’s
1-Lt. Col. Washburn -----Battalion Commanding Officer 2,4 (Headquarters)
2-Maj. Smith--------------- Battalion Executive Officer 2,4 (Headquarters)
3-Maj. Atkinson -----------Battalion  S-3 2,4 --(Operations and Training Officer)  (Fire Direction Center Commanding  Officer)4 (Headquarters)
Capt. Roueche ---------Assistant S-3 2,4 --(Fire Direction Center Officer)--*TO&E calls for this to be the Headquarters  Battery  Commanding Officer’s job.
4-Capt. Rowlands
--------Liaison Officer 2,4 --(81st Tank Battalion)--*As per R. Rowlands Conversation.(Headquarters)
5-Capt. Floyd -------------Battalion S-2--(Intelligence Officer)2,4----*Battlefield promo. from 1st Lt.late’44 4 (Headquarters)
6-Lt. Stroup ----------------Battalion Assistant S-2 , Battalion Survey 2,5 &  Reconnaissance Officer5 (Headquarters)
Lt. Fraser ----------------Liaison Officer 2  #3 5 ---(15th Infantry? *Logical choice. G.B.)----  *KIA 27Dec44

Headquarters Battery
----- TO&E No. 6-166 calls for 8 total Commissioned Officer’s
1-Capt. Wilcox 1 --------Commanding Officer 2,Liaison Officer (CCB)9(Battery  Headquarters – Headquarters  Sec.)
Lt. Hall 1 ----------------Commanding Officer 7 Executive Officer2 (“B” Battery)2
2-Lt. Nicol 1 ---------------L4 Pilot 2 ,4 #1515 ( H-54)--(Operations  Platoon – Executive  Section)
3-Lt. Francies 1 ----------L4 Pilot 2,4 (G-54 & J-54)---(Operations  Platoon – Executive  Section)
4-Lt. Todd -----------------Communications Officer*Logical choice. G.B.--(Operations Platoon- Communications  Sec.)
5-Lt. Sorensen
3 ---------TVMO8 , Forward Observer6 , Air Observer2,4 (H-54), Liaison Officer, Assistant Battalion Executive Officer(Battery Headquarters –Maintenance Section)
6-Lt. Martin 1 --------------Forward Observer 4,6 (B22) , Air Observer2,4 (G-54 or J-54) , Liaison Officer to unit of CCB 4,5 Reconnaissance Officer5 (“C” Battery)5 (Observation, Reconnaissance & Liaison Platoon – Forward Observer Section)
7-Lt. McWain-------------- Forward Observer 4,6 (C22), Air Observer(H-54) 4 , Reconnaissance Officer4 (“A” Battery)4 (Observation, Reconnaissance & Liaison Platoon – Forward Observer Section)
8-Lt. Harrison
1 -----------Forward Observer2,4,6(B22) 5 --(Observation, Reconnaissance & Liaison Platoon – FO Section)
Lt. Barry 1 ----------------Forward Observer2 (B22)4 -----* Evacuated 14Dec44 eye shrapnel fragments.4

A  Battery
------ TO&E No. 6-167 calls for 4 total Commissioned Officer’s
1-Capt. Smithers --------Commanding Officer 2,4 ---(Battery Headquarters – Headquarters Section)
2-Lt. Kulhanek ------------Executive Officer2,4 ----------(Firing Battery – Fire Control Section)
3-Lt. Hentschell -----------Forward Observer 4,6, Reconnaissance Officer5---- (Reconnaissance Section) *Evac. 17Sept44 5
4-Lt. LaFans
--------------Motor,  Reconnaissance Officer5, TVMO4 ---(Battery Headquarters - Maintenance Section)
Lt. Henry----------------- Forward Observer5 (A22)5 * Replacement Officer, Arrived 8Nov44 5 *Replace Hentschell?
Lt. Hauenschild 1 ------*Battlefield Promotion from T/Sgt.(HQ Battery) 01Feb45 5 * “Fire Mission” shows him in “A” Battery, but doesn’t show any title or duty.
Lt. Nagley 2 --------------*No other information.                                                                  

B Battery ------ TO&E No. 6-167 calls for 4 total Commissioned Officer’s
1-Capt. Crowell -----------Commanding Officer 2,4 , Liaison Officer 4,5 (Battery Headquarters – HQ Section)
2-Lt. Weems ---------------Executive Officer2,4--- (Firing Battery – Fire Control Section)
3-Lt. Davies2 ---------- ----Forward Observer 6 , Reconnaissance Officer 4,5 ---(Reconnaissance Section)
4-Lt. McNees
1,2 ----------Motor  ,  Reconnaissance Officer 4 ---(Battery Headquarters - Maintenance Section)

C Battery -----TO&E No. 6-167 calls for 4 total Commissioned Officer’s
1-Capt. Blackburn 3 ------Commanding Officer2,4 ---(Battery Headquarters – Headquarters Section)
2-Lt. Page  3 ----------------Executive Officer 2, 5 , Liaison Officer5 ---(Firing Battery – Fire Control Section)  
3-Lt. Stine-------------------
Reconnaissance Officer4 *Battlefield promo.from S/Sgt 26Feb454---(Reconnaissance Section)
4-Lt. Sargent 2,3 -----------Motor --(Battery Headquarters - Maintenance Section)
Lt. Case -------------------*Battlefield promotion from S/Sgt.(“C” Battery) 26Feb454

Service Battery ------TO&E No. 6-169 calls for 5 total Commissioned Officer’s
1-Capt. Stewart 4 ---------Commanding Officer 2 (Battalion S-4 )2 -----(Battery Headquarters - Headquarters Section)
2-Capt.   ? ------------------Motor Transport ----(Battalion Maintenance Platoon) * TO&E calls for this position
3-Lt.4Tipton -----------------Battalion S-1 (Person. Off.) 2---(Bn. Admin.&Person. Sec.)* Field Promo. 8Jan45 from C.W.O.5
4-Lt.2 House
4 --------------Motor (Maintenance Officer)2 --(Battery HQ - Maint. Sec.) *Still listed C.W.O. on 20Nov44 5
Lt. Schoen ---------------Battalion Motor Officer5
5-Lt. Raveling --------------Battalion Asst. S-4 (Supply Officer ) 2 (Battalion Suppy & Transportation Platoon)
Lt. Beaupre2,4 -----------Battalion Ammo Officer2 --*No TO&E for this title. --Could he have been doing Motor Trans.?
Capt. Hinkle---------------Battalion S-1 (Personnel Officer)2 -----*Left the 71st before the ETO. As per Herman Smith.

Medical Detachment ----TO&E No. 6-165 calls for 1 total Commissioned Officer
1-Capt. Bickel ---------------Battalion Surgeon2 *Transferred 24Nov44 to 203rd Gen. Hospital, Paris 5
Capt. Frederickson -----Battalion Surgeon  *Replaced Bickel  24Nov44 5


1 Identified in Headquarters Battery group picture taken prior to departure US.
2 Identified in Herman Smith letter dated 9/27/95 describing  ranks & duties of men in officer’s group picture.
3 Identified in C Battery group picture prior to departure US.
4 Identified as noted by references in “Fire Mission”
5 Identified as noted by references in Major Herman Smith’s Journal.
6 Identified as Forward Observer in phone conversation with Everett Wilcox  6-20-2009
7 Capt. Wilcox did  liaison work for Col. Cole and said that Lt. Hall was the HQ Battery CO when he was gone.
8 (TVMO) Track Vehicle Maintenance Officer. Identified by Jim Sorensen, with his father’s documents
showing at least(3) 6- month assignment’s.  
9 Wilcox sent a Lt. to CCB to be a Liaison, but Col. Cole would only accept Capt. Wilcox as Liaison. As per
phone conversation with Everett Wilcox. 6-20-2009.

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Sgt.Wallace Weeks
Photo Collection & Story
In Memory Of ..
James N. Sorensen 70
McKinleyville, CA.
(Son of Lt. Neil Sorensen)
8/07/44  -  7/29/15
In Memory Of ..
Paul H. McWain 95
Huntington Woods, Michigan
(Former Lt. in the 71st)
1919  - 12/21/14
In Memory Of ..
Everett Hammock Wilcox  95
Crystal River, Florida
(Former Capt. in the 71st)
6/27/1918 - 4/14/2014