71st Armored Field Artillery Battalion WWII

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Photograph Collections

T/Sgt. William J. Beckley's WWII Photo Collection
These pictures are grouped together by their time frame using the best available data, what was written on the back of each by my father, the developer markings, and what I have learned so far.   G.B.
*Click on the blue group title to view pics: TIME FRAME
1- Dad's FORT SILL Army Photo Album Slideshow (180 photos) PDF 28 May 1941 to 10 Sept 1942
Sgt. Roland R. Loveless' WWII Photo Collection (graciously contributed by Ralph Loveless)
Sgt. Marion D. McNair's WWII Photo Collection (graciously contributed by David McNair)
T/5 Charles T. Kirkhart's WWII Photo Collection (graciously contributed by Tom Kirkhart)
Sgt. Wallace Weeks WWII Photo Collection (graciously contributed by daughters Jamie Weeks Von Holstein & Mindy Weeks Crowe)

*More Photos of the 71st at 5AD Online click here* "B" Battery pictures









Sgt.Wallace Weeks
Photo Collection & Story
In Memory Of ..
James N. Sorensen 70
McKinleyville, CA.
(Son of Lt. Neil Sorensen)
8/07/44  -  7/29/15
In Memory Of ..
Paul H. McWain 95
Huntington Woods, Michigan
(Former Lt. in the 71st)
1919  - 12/21/14
In Memory Of ..
Everett Hammock Wilcox  95
Crystal River, Florida
(Former Capt. in the 71st)
6/27/1918 - 4/14/2014