71st Armored Field Artillery Battalion WWII

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Lt. Francies & Lt. Martin in frt. of G-54      Lt. Nicol in frt. of H-54                          Lt. McWain in frt. of H-54

Unknown                                    Lt. Francies in frt. of J-54 (Possible plane #)

Known Timeline of Piper Cub L4's in the 71st
Jul 28, 1944           71st lands at Utah Beach
Aug 19, 1944         Lt. Nicol banged up his plane. as per “Fire Mission” – believe repaired.
Sept.2, 1944          Lt. Francies lost plane into fence (loss sorely felt)as per “Fire Mission” - repaired?
Oct 31, 1944          L4-J 44-80699 (s/n 12965)leaves factory Lock Haven,Pa.
Dec 5, 1944           L4-J 44-80699 (s/n 12965)Arrives Europe assigned to 9th Air Force
Dec 23, 1944         Last flight of 1944 by Lt. Francies as told by “Amazing Story of Duane Francies”
End of Feb,1944   First flight since Dec 23, 1944 by Lt. Francies as told by “Amazing Story of Duane Francies”
Feb 26, 1945         L4-J 44-80699 (s/n 12965)Transferred to the 71st and marked the (G-54)
Apr 4, 1945            First mention of the (J-54) "Miss Me!?" in either “Fire Mission” or “Paths of Armor”
Apr 11, 1945          L4-H 43-329905(J-54) "Miss Me!?" in dogfight
Apr 14, 1945          L4-H 44-30358(H-54) (Lt. Nicol’s Plane) destroyed while landing in a crosswind.
Apr 26,1945           L4-H 43-329905(J-54)"Miss Me!?"(Last flight)as per Lt. Francies flight log.
Apr 30,1945           Lt. Francies log shows him flying a Stinson L5-C 417362
May 8,1945            V-E Day
End of war              L4-J 44-80699 (S/n 12965)(G-54) is disbanded from military, put in storage
End of war             L4-H 43-329905(J-54) "Miss Me!?" isn't seen again, believed destroyed
Nov 19, 1946         L4-J 44-80699 (S/n 12965)(G-54) reappears in Switzerland
1946                                "      "           “       “    enters Spain
Present                            "      "           “       “    restoration



J3 Piper Cub (Civilian version)      L4 is the( Military version) with the “L” standing for Liaison.
L4-H ( an earlier version with a fixed pitch prop) 1801 built
L4-J ( a later version with an adjustable pitch prop) 1680 built
Piper Cub plant in Lock Haven, Pa.
Continental - A65  Engine
http://www.fiddlersgreen.net/models/aircraft/Piper-Cub.html (Scroll down to pictures of Lock Haven plant 1945)
Here's a good link that shows what the L-4's were like from the 12th Armored Division Site:
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Sgt.Wallace Weeks
Photo Collection & Story
In Memory Of ..
James N. Sorensen 70
McKinleyville, CA.
(Son of Lt. Neil Sorensen)
8/07/44  -  7/29/15
In Memory Of ..
Paul H. McWain 95
Huntington Woods, Michigan
(Former Lt. in the 71st)
1919  - 12/21/14
In Memory Of ..
Everett Hammock Wilcox  95
Crystal River, Florida
(Former Capt. in the 71st)
6/27/1918 - 4/14/2014